Funny Money for High Schools - Presentation
Introducing students to the basics of good money management

It’s not often you can teach students about financial literacy and have them enjoy it, but that’s exactly 
what James and his Funny Money presentation is able to accomplish.  
Chris Gilbert, St. Joseph Catholic High School

Funny Money for High Schools program helps students understand and manage their current financial affairs, and those they will face after graduation.  Students will laugh and learn about money concepts with this fun, interactive, and award-winning free program that includes videos, activities and live presentations.

Funny Money for High Schools Assembly
This interactive school presentation delivered by comedians introduces the basic concepts of good money management to students in grades 11 and 12. It is designed to speak to students on their level and in their language. This live    presentation is entertaining, humorous and memorable. Topics covered range from budgeting and managing credit card use, to investing. 

A minimum of 500 students per presentation is required.  Presentations are available in English and French and 50    minutes in length. [Pictured above: Funny Money presenters (left to right) -- Denis Grignon, James Cunningham, Steve Levine]

Funny Money Tool Kit:
This kit includes activities that further explore and reinforce the financial concepts and messages covered in the Funny Money High Schools Assembly. Students learn about “needs” and “wants”, cash flow management, credit and credit rating, and investment risk and return.  The Funny Money Tool Kit is available

Funny Money Animated Videos
These animated videos found on give students and teachers online access to   entertaining lessons on serious topics. There are videos on the financial implications of buying a car and using credit, the benefits of saving for an emergency, and many other important financial topics relevant to students.

Funny Money online “micro” site:
Found at, this “micro site” is where to go for a full overview of the Funny Money for High Schools program and to access all the online supporting personal finance education resources for teachers and students.

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Investor Education Fund (IEF) delivers free, innovative and curriculum-based financial education resources and         resources to teachers of grades 4 to 12.  Funny Money for High Schools program is offered across Canada in partnership with the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada.
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