Celebrate Black History Month with FREE Classroom Resources
        Have your students take the Black History in Canada Quiz (http://www.passagestocanada.com/en/news/12868_black-history-in-canada-quiz) for a chance to win a Historica-Dominion Institute prize pack!

This innovative Education Guide (http://www.blackhistorycanada.ca/education/LearningTools.pdf) explores seminal events and personalities in Black Canadian history through engaging discussion and interactive activities. It was made possible with the generous support of TD Bank Group, whose commitment to Black history and culture has been celebrated.

The purpose of this Guide is to enhance your students' knowledge and appreciation of the Black Canadian experience, drawing from Lawrence Hill’s award-winning historical fiction, The Book of Negroes, the remarkable journey of Aminata Diallo and the historic British document known as the "Book of Negroes." Structured around themes of journey, slavery, human rights, passage to Canada and contemporary culture, this Guide asks students to examine issues of identity, equality, community, and nation-building in both a historical and contemporary context. The tools provided here are supplemented with additional activities and resources at http://blackhistorycanada.ca/. 

Invite a member of our Speakers Bureau (http://dominion.ca/PassagesToCanada/en/ArrangeAVisit.php) to share his or her story with your class! Since 2001, more than 100,000 students have heard the inspiring stories of speakers like Marie-Denise Douyon originally of Haiti (http://www.passagestocanadaarchive.com/da/passages.asp?coll=143), and Jackie Essombe originally of Cameroon (http://www.passagestocanadaarchive.com/da/passages.asp?coll=101).  Inviting a Passages to Canada Speaker to your school is completely FREE of charge!

For more information, contact us at passages@historica-dominion.ca or 1-866-701-1867
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