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Hudson's Bay Company's history is the history of Canada itself and a major curriculum component right across the country. HBC recognizes this by providing educational resources that leverage our historic legacy and archives. We offer several publications
FREE OF CHARGE to teachers of Canadian history:

- Tales from the Bay presents three stories drawn from the annals of the HBC Archives in comic book form.  Teacher's Guides have also been created for Tales from the Bay and Adventurers.

- Adventurers provides an overview of HBC from the 17th century to the present.

- Lords & Proprietors presents an updated text of the HBC Charter while exploring its significance as the incorporation document of the Company.

We are pleased to announce that all these publications are now available as downloads from the e-books section of our website.  Educators are invited to download and print them at will. Please click HERE.

To order hard copies of Tales from the Bay and Adventurers please click HERE or on the images below to fill in our order form.



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